Newborn Named After Rescuer Of Abby Sunderland

The 16 year old Southern California girl who was much in the news in recent times, along with her parents, Abby Sunderland has just got a seventh sibling.

She was rescued by a French fishing vessel while attempting to become the youngest solo sailor to sail around the world.

Her new baby brother has been named after her rescuer, Paul Louis Le Moigne, the captain of boat named Ile De La Reunion that rescued her.

Paul-Louis Sunderland, who weighed 8lbs-9oz. (3.88kg), was born late Tuesday morning and is thus named for his older sister’s rescuer.

And this could perhaps give you and other new parents some ideas for naming their newborn baby. There are so many names out there to choose from and the process could well be mind boggling!

So why not make a choice based on people you know, people who are close to or important to you, or even those who have fleetingly impacted your life?

Naming your child after someone is a tremendous tribute to them and the difference that they made in your life. It need not be a relative or a close friend, it could just be someone whose life briefly touched yours or someone dear to you, and left a lasting impact!


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