Most Popular Newborn Names

For the longest time, the most popular name for a newborn baby boy born in England and Wales was Jack. Now that reigning name has been toppled by a new leader – Mohammed – which is the new more popular name for boys in Britain.

newborn namesThe name Mohammad has many different spelling variations and as such was listed as repeated entries but all of them were variations of the same basic name of the prophet of the religion of Islam.

Though the name ‘Oliver’ actually topped the most popular baby boy name list, taken collectively, it was Mohammad that topped the list.

For 14 years previous to this it was Jack that was the most popular name for boys born in Britain. The other most popular names for boys were Harry, Alfie and Joshua, as per the figures published by the Office for National Statistics.

When it came to the most popular names for girls in England and Wales, it was Olivia that topped the list. Ruby, Chloe, Emily and Sophie were the other among the top five of the most popular names list.

The name seen to gain the most popularity among boys was Austin and Maisie for girls in terms of increase of popularity from last year.


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