Most Popular Baby Name Websites

Choosing a name for your baby is a lot of fun for the parents and everyone involved. Looking at books as guides is passé; the new trend is to hunt the internet for best baby name suggestions.

Here are 10 baby name websites that give you access to everything there is to know about naming with meanings, origins and the works.

Most Popular Baby Name Websites

1. Baby Name Wizard is a baby name website with a difference. It has a scientific approach to the art of naming babies by depicting graphs to show the current trends in baby names. Popularity of a name is plotted on a graph to help go for it or against it. The site also has a ‘name of the day’ feature which shows if the popularity has already peaked or still trending.

2. Nameberry categorizes names by gender and popularity thus making it site easy to navigate. Among other features, the user can log into the Names Searched Right Now feature and get real time results on the top trending names for all categories.

3. BabyNames

The website is one place where you can get a sneak- peek into the lives of celebrity parents and the names of their babies as well. With such information in the background you can also search for other search results under the headings “Today’s Trending Names” and “Cool Name Lists”. You can also view videos of parenting and related topics.

4. BabyNamer is a name website with a difference. It categorizes baby names under various categories such as gender, ethnicity and starting letter among others. Every search will lead you to a set of names that are accompanied by detailed information about the name’s meaning, origin, narratives and alternatives.

5. BehindTheName

As the name of the website suggests, gives the entire background of a name right from its origin to mythology. The behind the name database has the largest collection of narratives on some of the most popular names in the world.

6. ThinkBabyNames gives you complete details of any name with full explanation of its meaning. All you need to do is type the name and click to rollout the story. There is also an additional feature that says Random Baby Generator where a name can be chosen randomly and its popularity appears alongside.

7. BabyCenter

If you are a Canadian by origin or by heart and want a very Canadian name for your baby, then here is a site just for you. is one that offers more than just the baby meanings and origins. It gives the most popular naming trends in Canada. It also features a lot of information on pregnancy and motherhood as well.

8. BabyNamesWorld

A site run and owned by popular kids’ channel Nickelodeon, has all about baby names and everything that aspiring parents want to know. Its database of names has a huge collection dating back as far as year 1900 – so much for wanting variety!

9. WhatALovelyName

If there is a lot of thought that goes into your baby name and you would like your baby to be known for a certain trait or feeling, then is the right place for you. The site has unusual categories to choose names from – traits and dispositions, traditions and nationalities and also out-of-the- box names.

10. Social Security Administration

Well, yes, the social security administration site has everything you want to know about baby names. The site gives in-depth information about where the name originated in America and which states was it more popular in etc.


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