Reflection of Parents Name in Their Infants

Today, in the tech-savvy world, everything is planned. The present generation is very clear about their actions and family strategies. In a world so developed, couples want their baby to be healthy and be like them. The most alluring part is that couples decide their baby’s name before even he/she is born. There are also love birds who decide the names of their future babies prior to their marriage. This only signifies the importance of an infant’s name in one’s life.

Creating baby names from parents name

Earlier, the time was different when couples had 5-7 children but now if you compare, couples have become very independent and calculative. They aspire to raise only one or maximum two children for a nuclear family. They plan everything from their career, education and financial expenses to their children’s wedding. So, they start by naming their child.

While naming a child, adding a fun element should not be encouraged as his or her name will be one of the first things people know about your new baby, and it will be part of them for the rest of their life. Thus, the name should reflect a proper meaning or at least be decent enough that can be presented in front of the society.

The methods of how the baby names can be created using parent names include the following:

1. By mixing the parent names.

2. Baby names similar to those of parents.

3. Mixing parent names and similar names.

4. Names with meaning same as that of the parent.

The first practice of combining the first 2 or last 2 letters of their name and join it as one word, is quite viral these days. To explain this, let’s take an example of the popular blockbuster Hollywood movie, Twilight. The movie shows that the protagonist, Bella, keeps her daughter’s name as ‘Reneesme’ by combining the names of her mother and mother-in-law, Renee and Esme respectively. So, you did get an idea right? Every parent wants to see a part of themselves in their child.

Ongoing Process

If you wander around the world now and ask people about their idea of naming babies, probably they’ll give you the same idea. And why not use it? It gives your baby that unique name that anybody will hardly think about. Every time when you’ll call your baby with such a combined name, you’ll feel certain happiness to it.

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