Ideas for Baby Middle Names for Girls

Something that many parents struggle with is baby names – but what about baby middle names for girls? Choosing the first name is often hard enough and it leads to many parents deciding against a second name.

However, there are a number of ideas that you can choose from when it comes to middle names.

Opt for a Family Name

Baby Middle Names for GirlsThere are high chances that you opted for a name that you both like for the first name, instead of a family name. If this is the case, why not consider a family name for the baby middle names for girls? Think about using your grandmother’s names or either of your mom’s names.

This will help to make your family feel part of the baby’s life growing up and is something that you can continue with your other children.

Opt for the Second Favorite Name

There is always the option of the second favorite name. There are high chances that a lot of names were mentioned and you both struggled to choose between them. Opt for your second favorite to be the middle name.

This is also beneficial if you and your partner have two different favorite names – you can easily use both of them to be a part of your daughter’s name.

Choose a Name that Means Something

Another way of choosing baby middle names for girls is to look at ones that mean something, either to you or in general. There are plenty of websites that will give you the meanings behind names, whether they are the Greek meanings, Hebrew ones or even English meanings. This will help to add something to your child’s name and is something that you can include in diaries and baby books.

Opt for something that has a meaning to you. Do you have family member that you were extremely close to and has passed on? Do you have a friend that has done a lot for you? Using that name as a middle one will offer a way to honor the person and will offer a deep meaning to you. The benefit of middle names is that they are less likely to be mentioned in school, so you can make them as old fashioned as you want without your child suffering any repercussions.

Do the Middle Names Go with the First Names?

Pick a name that rolls off the first one. This can then offer you the option of making the two names a first name together and will also make it easier for your child to learn her name when younger. The name May will work with many first names that have two syllables or more.

At the same time, you need to think about whether the initials of the two names and the surname will spell anything. Avoid names that will spell something embarrassing for the sake of your daughter. The last thing you want is for children to make fun of them for that.

Be wise when you choose the baby middle names for girls and pick something that you like. Even though you want to name your daughter after your mom, does not mean that you are going to like the name. There’s no convention in the names that you use and your parents should be happy that you have opted for a name that you like instead of a name in the family.


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