The 7 Best Apps for Selecting Baby Names

Selecting a name for your new born baby may seem easier during the initial pregnancy days but as the time to actually name the baby comes near, the choice seems to get tougher and tougher. Coming up with a unique, nice, easy to pronounce and meaningful name can be very challenging especially if you are running short of ideas.

Also, due to disagreements between you and your husband or the many opinions and suggestions from the family members, circling in on one good name becomes just impossible. Thus for your help, we have come up with the best 7 apps for selecting baby names:

best apps for selecting baby names1. Baby Names

This simple to use iOS app is the number 1 baby name selection app and covers most basics of finding a name such as popularity, origin and meaning.

2. Baby Names!!

This is yet another iOS and Android app for selecting names which has been gaining a lot of popularity due to its simple interface, superb suggestions and the fact that it is free of cost to download.

3. Baby Names by Nametrix

This is a paid iOS app for selection of baby names and is one of the best.  Each of the names given on it comes with meaning, popularity, origin, locations and fun facts associated with it.

4. Baby Names by Winkpass

Free on iOS, this baby name app is a delight to download and use. It has some special features which make it too much fun to use. Once you have found a name that you like, you get the option of sharing it on social networks.  This way, you can get other people’s opinions as well.

5. Baby Names Mania

This app finds and saves names in a very visual manner. One can narrow down the choices on the basis of number of vowels, beginnings and endings as well. How cool is that!

6. Baby Namer

This is a colorful app where you can search from a preexisting list of names and narrow down on the ones you like the most. This app is paid on iOS app store and gives you suggestions on shaking your phone.

7. Shake Baby Names

This is yet another shaking app where you get baby name suggestions on shaking your handset.  It is a free to download app on Android app store and is definitely one of the best.


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