Top Gifting Ideas for Second Baby

Childbirth is a special occasion, an occasion when the mother and the newly born are showered with love in the form of gifts. While you may find several things to gift to a first time mom and her baby, deciding on what to gift to the second baby can be really tough.

Since most parents reuse the items of the first child for the second one, you may fall short of gifting ideas in that situation. To ease your difficulty, we have brought a list of the top gifting ideas for the second baby:

gifting ideas for second baby

Personalized Baby Bag

A personalized baby bag is a kind of a bag that has some form of personalization for the baby which could either be in the form of the baby’s name, his/her initials, his/her picture or any other kind of customized thing. Such bags are not only very useful but they are also very easily available at both online stores and physical shops. All you have to do is to order them as per the personalization specifications.

Customized Blanket Set/Bedding Set

Another superb gifting idea for the second baby is a personalized or customized blanket set or bedding set. These days, you can order such sets at several stores and online portals by giving the name and pictures of the baby. The sets usually consist of pillow cases, cushion covers, blankets, bedsheets and other bedding essentials.

Teethers and Toys

Since Teethers of the first child may not be used for the second baby, it is a good idea to gift a set or bunch of Teethers. These days, Teethers are available in many colors, designs and creative ideas and you can easily find them at toy stores, toddler stores or online stores. Also, gifting toddler toys like rattles, sound toys and stuffed toys etc. is also a good idea since most of such toys of the first baby may either be in bad condition or too old to use.

A Picture Bouquet

If you really have the time and interest to gift something special to a second baby then you can create a picture collage or bouquet of the baby’s and parents’ pictures. Such picture collections are very special and mean a lot to most people.  There are numerous ways to get them framed and can be used for many years into the future till the baby grows up to appreciate it.

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