Ideas for Toddler and Baby Christening Gifts

Babies have been always welcomed with presents immediately after birth – right from their baby shower endowments to their homecoming rewards. Hence, it is natural that you might run out of ideas when it comes to choosing the baby christening gifts. For many families, christening is the opportunity for presenting a child with a gift which acts as a keepsake for a long time, more than being just a practical item.

The good news is that there are many baby christening gift options which you need to choose according to your budget.

Monogrammed blanket

baby-christening-giftsThis is one of the common baby christening gifts. You may gift toddlers with the traditional blue embroidered blanket for the boy or the pink one for the girl.

You can even choose your options and coordinate that with the baby’s nursery colors according to their contrast.

Embroidering the toddlers’ name or initials in the baby christening gift makes the gift more personal. A handmade blanket or quilt made out of stitching, knitting, sewing or crocheting is a real special gift.


It is true that a toddler or an infant is too young to put on jewelry at their christening, although you may choose baby christening gifts such as bracelets or necklaces which baby can wear as they get older. Items like a silver or gold cross pendant can make for lovely toddler christening gifts. An engraved charm bracelet or heart shaped locket is a fun option too. To choose a high end baby christening gift, you may check out a string of pearls or even diamond studded earrings.

Engraved silver baby christening gifts

Toddlers can be gifted traditional endowments including engraved silver gifts. For instance, you may choose a silver frame with baby’s birthday and name on it. This will make for a wonderful baby christening gift; you may even go for a sterling silver bank shaped like blocks or teddy bear. Another elegant option is the silver cup or rattles which can be cherished for years to come.

Gift baskets

You may load the Christian gift baskets with different unique items for using during the occasion or for storage later.


To decide on an unusual toddler christening gift, select a small tree which can be planted so that it grows along with your little one. If you live in a starter home, you may consider a smaller potted tree which is a gift that can be moved as you travel. Families that do not have yards may consider fruit trees which do not need much space and are not big with the colorful fruits adding a decorative and fun touch.

Savings bond

A more practical toddler christening gift would be a savings bond. These baby christening gifts will increase their value over time, which means you can pay a small amount for the bond which will gain in value when the child grows up. After the bond matures, the child may use it to acquire something more significant like paying for their travel or college fees.


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