Some Simple Adorable Gift Ideas For Newborns

Let’s face it, when we buy a gift for a newborn baby, the baby herself is the last one to appreciate it. It is the gifter or the parents of the newborn who will ooh and aah over the gift; the baby is pretty much OK with or without it.

Here are some adorable gift ideas that new parents will appreciate immensely; cute as well as practical:

Personalized Baby Elephant – First decide whether it’s going to be pink or blue, and then get the baby’s name, date of birth and birth weight and length. The cute little elephant ears tell you the name, birthday and vital statistics of the baby. Parents will love it now and baby will grow up and appreciate it!

Jo Jo the giraffe comes with his arms and legs around a keepsake box which contains a plush blanket personalized with baby’s name.

A hooded towel set is not just adorable, it is also practical. When you bring baby out of the bath water you want to be sure she is fully ensconced in a towel; a hooded towel ensures that baby’s head is covered as well. The soft absorbent terry ensures that the towel is suitable for baby’s skin.


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