Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

newborn giftTraditionally greeting a new baby is a time of joy to be celebrated and at this time the newborn baby and/or the new parents receive newborn baby gifts.

Here are some ideas for newborn baby gifts –

  • You could give practical gifts; the sort that you know a new mother will find most useful – diapers (disposable or cloth if the mother is environment conscious), diaper covers, diaper bags, swaddling blankets, or receiving blankets, even larger blankets that can be used for a longer duration, generic clothing items such as onesies, sleepers, sets of undershirts etc. are all good practical ideas.
  • Sometimes all the practical stuff has been catered for; in which case offer some pampering gifts to the new mommy – a month’s diaper service, some smart item of clothing for the baby, personalized items, etc. And don’t forget, it’s the mother who did all the hard work so she deserves some pampering as well.  Something nice to wear, some pampering baby appropriate cosmetics, a book or a scrap book etc can all be good ideas.
  • Meals for the family can be a thoughtful and practical gift that will be equally appreciated by the mother and the father.

Also consider giving a collective gift, when something that the mommy wants may be rather more expensive that the amount that one person may be able to spend.


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