Most Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2013

New and first time moms find it very difficult to organize themselves post the birth of their little one. Not just that, they probably are likely to not know of some products that could really prove useful to them and hence not include them in the list.

Here are some of the most popular baby shower gifts trending in 2013 that will definitely make the new mom smile.

1. Baby Briefcase

Baby Briefcase

The baby briefcase is a very useful tool for organizing paperwork that will form a part of your child’s growing years. And the best time to start using one is soon after birth. So, if you find that the registry is missing out on this item then it is the ideal gift you could give your friend. She has in all probability not even heard of it.

2. Chenille Blanky

Chenille Blanky

Little Giraffe is a brand that specializes in baby accessories such as the chenille blanky. Many new parents have no idea how much comfort the kids feel in the presence of their favorite blanket or stuffed toy. This will last for almost half a decade after you have gifted and probably become a hand-me-down too. When you choose this for a gift then we are very sure it will be used and better still remembered.

3. Pacigrip


The pacifier is a tool that new parents need in order to summon some calm into their otherwise chaotic days. And if finding this little thingy is an ordeal then you can help them cut the pain by gifting a Boginhead Pacigrip. This is a simple yet very useful gift as it helps keep the pacifier close to the baby.

4. Bedtime Lotion

Bedtime Lotion

Johnsons Bedtime lotion is a time tested bedtime routine for babies. The soothing lavender scent calms the baby down and gradually lulls it to sleep. It is the best routine to follow and will be adored if given as a baby shower gift. You can make it an additional item to a baby shower hamper.

5. Aquaphor

It does wonders on every kind of skin from dry to ultra dry and eczema skin. It is also great for small scrapes. Another ideal add-on as part of a baby shower hamper.

6. Little Tummy’s

Little Tummy’s

Many babies tend to suffer from colic at least during the first few months of their birth. Little Tummy has a gas relief drops that are good when you need to calm your baby and get her out of distress. Composed of baby safe Mylecon, the drops are another great gift hamper idea.

7. Boogie Wipes

Boogie Wipes

Wipes are a part of rearing kids and are not just for wiping their rears. Boogey wipes are one such baby wipes that can multitask for cleaning up any kind of mess from a baby’s body –snort, food and spit to name a few. Another addition to the gift hamper for you to choose.

8. Jewel Lullaby

Jewel Lullaby

Babies and lullabies are an inseparable duo. Well, try telling a mom to sign a lullaby after a long tiring day. There are quick fix solutions for such situations – Jewel Lullaby is a great album that will make bedtime routine a tad easier on the mom. This baby shower gift is sure to have more admirers than not.

9. Boppy Pillow

Boppy Pillow

Feeding time is when both the mom and the baby have to be positioned comfortably and Boppy Pillow does just that. It helps propping the baby, cradling and even cuddling around during sleep. Boppy Pillow makes for an ideal baby shower gift for any one.

10. Stroller Accessory

Stroller Accessory

For moms on the go, an additional arm can do a lot of good. Hook and Stroll is a strolley accessory which does just that. It extends over a stroller and makes space for hanging bags, totes and other items when out shopping alone with the baby.


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