Looking for Twin Baby Gifts? Here Are Some Ideas You Can Use

If you have a baby shower you have to go to, where someone is expecting twins or you have to visit new born twins and are wondering what gift to carry, here are some ideas for twin baby gifts that could be useful. While you can of course get any of the regular stuff that you would for single babies, it can be fun and challenging to shop for gifts for twin babies.

Practical gifts

Practical gifts such as diapers, diaper wipes, feeding bottles and so on can be as attractive as twin baby gifts as they may be for a singleton baby gift. Remember twin babies are going to need twice as many clothes, feedings, changes and basically twice as much of most things so practical gifts are always appreciated by the parents.

Toiletries such as baby massage oil, bathing and shampooing items, towels and other baby essentials can be great too.

A nursery monitor could be an expensive but a very valuable gift if you have had twins in the family or close friends have had twins and you need to get something reasonably substantial.

twin-baby-giftsAnother idea for substantial twin baby gifts could be a double stroller (make sure its light weight, the parents will thank you for it). Personalized cribs, crib bedding and so on can also be excellent gifts for twin babies.

Amusing or customized gifts

Monogrammed towels or napkins, onsies and so on are always useful for new babies and if you add the element of humor and fun, they make the ideal twin baby gifts.

These are a fun and practical gifts that can be color coded according to the gender(s) of the babies, and can have amusing prints on it that say things like “Copy” on one and “Paste” on the other; or both can say something cute like “Double Trouble”! Or the onesies can have the message “___ Did it” with an arrow on it and each has the name of either twin printed on it.

So if the twins have been named Mark and Jacob, Jacob wears the tee that says “Mark did it” and vice versa. The parents will love them!

Matched baby accessories or twin themed baskets make great twin baby gifts

Matching bibs could say “Two Peas in a Pod” or an extra large baby diaper and feeding bag could bear the simple message “Twin Gear”.

Another great idea for twin baby gifts could be the Dr. Seuss’s Thing 1 and Thing 2 clothing or gift set – some of these come in a gift basket with a plush toy and a onesie saying “thing 1” and a matching toy and onsies saying ‘thing 2’ a classic gift that is a tribute to the classic Dr Seuss story of the Cat in the Hat.

Gift your time

This may probably be the most valuable twin baby gifts that a harried parent or parents of two bundles of joy could get. Offer to baby sit the little ones so that mommy can get some valuable shut eye, or so that the parents can get some much needed alone time that is not constantly interrupted by feedings, changes, burpings, naps and so on.


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