How To Choose The Best Child Toys Between The Ages Of 9-12 Months?

Baby ToysWhen babies reach 9-12 months old they are generally capable to create their way around the room in some way or another.

At the age of 9-12 months your child will be more and more active.

Playing with child toys make your baby more active and are eager to know the important part about different toys.

You will be very much satisfied in the way through which your baby is playing with you.

Your baby’s attention span is also longer and he understands you more and more.

Your baby starts to walk or attends to walk.

Objects in your baby’s life are no longer simply objects, but your baby will be able to distinguish what different objects are and how they can be used for play. Your baby shows more interest in interactive games and problem solving can be a fun thing for your baby to do.

Recommended Child Toys For The Ages Of 9-12 Months:


All the babies will love to play with the balls of all sizes. Your baby should have been playing with balls for some months now, and they will be attached in your child toys box for years to come.

Push Toys:

These child toys are the toys that your child can push around the room. Push toys will be right up their pathway. While choosing a push toy, try to choose the one that has some weight to it, so that your child can get some good exercise while working on the motor skills involved with walking and learning.

Sandbox Items:

Sandbox toys are just like a plastic bucket and shovel, and also involve filling and emptying vessels of various shapes and sizes. These will be perfect for your baby at this age.

Shape Sorters:

Any kind of child toys that will require sorting through shapes and solving problems will be very well received by all the children. These child toys will require a baby to spend hours on it and teach important skills for distinguishing shapes and colors and sharpens the problem solving skills.

Toy Telephone or Computer:

Your baby will learn things from watching you. At certain time she will observe while you are using the telephone. Try a plastic telephone that really rings or maybe a toy laptop that makes bleeping computer noises.


These child toys are attached through out the childhood. Many different types of child toys are available that promotes your baby’s development. You can choose any type of toy among these child toys: Big baby-style Lego’s, bristle blocks, Wooden blocks, Lincoln Logs and many other types of building blocks which will provide hours of creative, motor skill building fun for years to come.


Pop-up books and the books that promote interactivity will be the interesting things at this age.


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