10 Great Baby Gifts

If you’re looking for great baby gifts – either for a baby shower, a new arrival or just a gift for no reason, we have put together such a list of baby gifts. To be doubly sure though, it is always a good idea to check with the (expectant or new) parents what would be appreciated and what would be an unnecessary repetition or superfluous.

1. Booster seat

On Amazon’s list of the best baby gifts, there are some great baby gifts listed with the number one place going to the booster seat. This item consists of a feeding/playing tray and a seat that can be adjusted as the baby grows. It can fit most chairs and has adjustable shoulder straps that make it easy to carry.

Great-Baby-Gifts2. Baby monitor

baby monitor is another highly useful gift for new parents or to-be parents. This helps new parents to get on with some of their other chores while baby is peacefully asleep without worrying about what is going on with baby.

This is especially useful for parents who sleep in a separate room from their baby.

3. Bouncy seat

bouncy seat is another one of the great baby gifts that babies enjoy and parents are thankful for.

Some of these come equipped with an automated action rhythmic and soothing rocking motions to help baby sleep. A jumper is a similar thing and may come equipped with music and other activities to keep baby occupied

4. Activity gym

An activity gym is another very popular choice for baby gifts. These have suspended toys, mirrors and other activities as well as a play mat and help to keep a baby amused for hours.

5. Baby’s first blocks

Baby’s first blocks help baby with tactile development and to learn the manipulation of objects. These great baby gifts now come in soft cloth finish, wood, baby safe plastic and so on.

6. Baby sling

baby sling, also known as a kangaroo pouch is another popular choice among baby gifts. This is something that leaves mother or caregiver free to do stuff around the house, run errands around the neighborhood and even travel with baby tucked snug and content but leaving the adult’s hands free.

7. Starter books

Baby Starter books consist of either tough board books or books made of material that can even be used in the bath. Bright colors and pictures keep baby amused and help parents teach baby some first words.

8. Baby clothing

Baby clothing is always one of the most popular among great baby gifts. Onsies, blankets, jackets, fleeces, swaddling clothes and so on are popular choices.

9. The essential baby bag

The essential baby bag will help a parent get ready to go out at a moment’s notice. Essentials such as extra diapers, wipes, feeding equipment, change of clothing, are already in place!

10. A teether or rattle assortment

teether/rattle assortment will often be available in a convenient set or all in one type of package. It may also include a mobile or a squeaky toy. This is another one of the great baby gifts that parents like receiving and which are also an easy choice for the giver.


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