There’s Nothing Wrong with Giving Cool Baby Gifts

There are so many cool baby gifts out there, but you wonder why parents do not choose them. Is there anything wrong in choosing cool gifts for little ones? Not at all because kids are impressed when you think differently and it shows in the gifts you give them. Go for the latest toy fad and with some extra effort, you can come upon a cute, personal and cool baby gift for the tiny tot in your life. What’s all the more pleasing is that the gift will be an instant hit and appreciated by the child.

Pamper the mom

Cool Baby GiftsOne of the cool baby gifts you can purchase is something for comforting the post partum mom. After weeks of receiving stretches upon stretches, the mom will feel excited by a unique gift certificate for a massage, manicure or makeover. Make sure that the gift certificate is given in exchange of a few hours of babysitting and she will be the person to thank you for years.

Practical gifts

New moms and dads are often crunched up for time and money. Hence it is a great idea to gift them with something they will sincerely appreciate and use. One of these is the diaper cakes.

This cool baby gift is a superb invention and is made of dozens of newborn diapers, arranged in the shape of a cake. These baby gifts are cool and may be taken apart for usage later on.

You may also gift a baby proof photo album and stuff it with photographs of their loved ones. These are practical and cool baby gifts as it will prevent the baby from destroying the family photo album.

Personalized cool baby gifts

If the baby has been named already, you may consider getting them something that is personalized in order to lend a unique touch to your cool baby gift. You may decide on a cool bath robe with ‘Sally’ written on it, or a baby hat with ‘Juan’ etched across the top. This makes for more exciting gifts than gifting a bare hat or bath robe. You may even consider something that is personalized and fun for their nursery.

It could be a few decorated wooden letters for hanging atop their changing table or a photo frame with their name written on top for adorning the dresser.

Some parents may choose personalized hand painted piggy banks with baby’s name on it. Other cool baby gifts may include hooded animal towels with baby’s name on them. Make sure that the towel which is purchased is an oversized one so that the child can use it later on as they grow up. Another cool baby gift may be a hip and stylish looking shirt or infant onesie with rock band logos or classic cartoon characters.

The Andy Warhol or Picasso shirt is a cute and cool baby gift which can be coupled with a cross necklace that serves the purpose for their baptism or christening. Hand knitted hats and sweaters are also ideal for kids and tots alike.


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