7 Fantastic Gifting Ideas for Premature Babies

Premature babies tend to stay longer at the hospital than other right-timed babies and may face some or the other kind of health concern in the initial few days after birth. Since a premature baby may need more care from the hospital staff and the parents, it is important to choose the right kind of gift suitable for him/her. There are many creative gifting ideas for premature babies and the following is a list of the best 7:

gifting ideas for premature babies

  1. Since premature babies do not fit into regular sized newly born baby clothes, the best idea for a friend and family of the baby’s parents is to give clothes that are especially designed for premature babies. There are many stores which offer shirts, pants, baby suits and winter clothes for premature babies.
  2. You can also opt to gift those kinds of clothes which can fit in gastric or naval tubes that may initially be attached to a premature baby to assist on basic body functions.
  3. If you are someone who knows sewing, then you can gift hand stitched clothes, gloves, socks and other items to the baby. Not only will hand stitched items fit the baby perfectly but will also show your hardwork and personal touch to the gift.
  4. Another superb gifting idea for a premature baby is a weego carrier. A weego carrier is a product which is worn by the parent as a form of kangaroo care and can even accommodate small babies, as small as 3 pounds in weight.
  5. New parents may be too stressed and tired with the birth of a premature baby and hence daily baby supplies will make for excellent gifting items. Some of these include diapers, infant formula, non-durable medical goods, breathing monitors, baby toiletries and baby monitors etc.
  6. Rather than giving a tangible item to a premature baby as gift, you can also be a little creative and gift a service. For example, you can either gift a housecleaning service or an offer to stay with the parents to help take care of the baby and other things in the house.
  7. Another gift that you can offer a premature baby is a monthly supply of baby products or a yearly supply of baby care products in the form of a hand delivered service so that the parents do not need to visit the market again and again each time,

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