How About Some Funky Baby Gifts?

When kids’ gifts have become so commonplace, the only way to find a difference is by opting for the funky baby gifts. These may be cool or retro stuff which help kids grow their own sense of taste. This is why before choosing a perfect gift you should consider the fact that the toys can make children develop their sense of taste and preference.

By the time your choice is made, the baby will have received enough of stuffed toys. If you know it, finding an original baby gift is not tough.

Here are some funky baby gift ideas to help you out.

funky-baby-giftsNot Just for Kids – David Grisman and Jerry Garcia

Gift this piece of music by David Grisman, the mandolin legend and Jerry Garcia, the guitarist from the Grateful Dead. The work is a collection of folk based songs for kids and is a great introduction to conventional American music, thanks to both the American masters.

Songs such as Teddy Bear’s Picnic and Jenny Jenkins are great lullabies which put baby to sleep even when kids may not be able to understand the words.

Novelty Pacifiers

You can gift funky pacifiers to evoke a few laughs. Choose varieties of designs that include big lips, buck teeth and vampire fangs. Whatever the variety you choose, make sure that baby develops a keen sense of humor.

Pat the Bunny

This is a creation from Dorothy Kunhardt and helps introduce your little one to the world of sensory experiences. The creation from 1940 is a unique work which contains interactive experiences like smelling the flowers, looking into the beard and feeling a scratching beard. Indeed, the work has inspired others too.

Bath Items

These include items which are required for use in baby baths and are amply available in funky varieties. Using bathtubs which are unusual looking is safe and it is suggested that parents use a quality tub until the baby is of appropriate age to help them move freely in the tub. You will also need baby bath, shampoo and lotion; so be prepared accordingly.


Every parent needs diapers in abundance until babies are old enough to begin with the process of potty training. Parents will have to spend hundreds of dollars on these items alone. Diapers can actually be funky baby gifts which can be coupled with baby wipes, ointments for diaper rash and baby powder to ensure that your baby is safe and hygienic.


A funky baby gift like a stylish pair of pajamas can be a trendy choice. You may try out different kinds of unusual and stylish clothing options for your little one. There are a lot of manufacturers doing the rounds, creating the best baby clothing, in all its funky varieties. A number of high quality materials are also available for the purpose of ensuring safety and protection from rashes and allergies.

The birth of a child is always an auspicious occasion for the family. Getting funky baby gifts shows that you have put some thought and research into purchasing the item. While parents are ready with cribs, dressers, rocking chairs and changing tables, funky items are pleasant surprises for parents as well as babies.


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