Exclusive Gifts For Toddlers To Enjoy Their Favorite Games!

Sports Star Table and Stool Set!

Do you want to present your kid something special to enjoy favorite game? You can think about this handcrafted sports table and stool set.

Along with stool and table set, this unique sport set includes inset spinning balls on table corners.

The four ball design stools with basket ball legs add more beauty to the set. But be careful, use only soft cloth to dust or clean the table. Keep all abrasive things that scratch the beautiful handcrafted design on the table, away from the set.

sports star table and stool set

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Pirate Table and Chair Set!

Do you want to gift something special to your toddler? You have different toddler gift options to choose. For instance, here is the pirate table and chair set. Your little one, along with his friends can surely enjoy spending time at this imaginative table.

Pirate table and chair set features bright and bold images of ship, mysterious maps and treasure chests. You can have two chairs along with this set and two additional chairs are sold as optional for you.

pirate table and chair set

To know more about this product, visit: http://www.poshtots.com/


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