Brilliant Play Time Gifts For Your Kid!

Sandy Snail Rocker!

It will be great fun for your kid to climb this brightly colored, comical rocking snail. This sandy rocking snail features happy tunes, interactive activity, bright colors and patterns to explore.

It comes with a complete soft padded chariot seat and also mesh trunk for storing your kid’s most precious prized possessions.

This brilliant heirloom quality rocker also includes an educational component. On the back of the head of snail, your baby will find 4 shaped buttons. When pressed, these buttons activates original songs that teaches English alphabets, colors, shapes, 1-10 numbers and many more.

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Ollie the Octopus Stuffed Chair!

Your kid just loves this adorable chair. The silly spots and eight tentacled legs of Ollie surely grab the attention of your kid. Ollie the octopus is the silliest seat with chamois-soft fur that your child will ever find.

An oversized head is specially designed for more stable seating. Your child will definitely make this Ollie as his\her favorite friend.

Most of the kids love original stuffed chairs because it serves as both play time pal and also offers soft spaces to curl up with a favorite book.

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