Best Gifting Ideas and Tips for Children with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a neuro development psychiatric disorder which can lead to hyperactivity, impulsiveness and deficit in attention. Children suffering from ADHD must be dealt with a lot of care. If you know someone with this condition and are interested in buying a gift for the child, then you must know that there are plenty of options available.

Since these kids may not be able to focus or concentrate for long, the gift must be chosen carefully. The following are the best gifting ideas and tips for children with ADHD:

gifting ideas and tips for children with ADHD

Keep it Simple

Buying a monopoly set or another board game which requires a lot of attention and efforts may not be the best choice for a kid with ADHD.  Thus it is better to choose a simpler gift such as a clay set, coloring sets, coloring books and similar things. The gift you give the child must be fun to play with and should not complicate things for him/her.

Fidget Toys

One of the best gifts for a child with ADHD is fidget toys. Experts and doctors say that these types of toys allow children with ADHD to focus better and utilize their fidget energy properly.  Fidget toys made of silicone like jellyfish, and rubbery strings are usually loved by these kids and are an amazing thing for them to play with.

Simple Board Games

Kids with ADHD love board games that are not very complicated and can be played easily without any major calculations.  Games with quick rounds work best for these children and you must consider buying a game which takes about 15 minutes to complete.


You can also gift card sets to kids with ADHD. It is true that there are many complicated and high level card games to play but there are also fairly simpler ones which they can play with their friends or parents.  Infact, there are many different types of card sets like Uno, Wrestler cards and many others which too are fun, quick to play and loved by kids with ADHD.

Simple Puzzles

Puzzles are also a great gift for kids with ADHD but make sure the one you gift isn’t too puzzling for them. Pick a fairly simple one and see the face of the child brighten up.

So which gift are you planning on getting for the child in your life?


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