Baby Toy For 3-6 Months -Vital For Early Development Of Your Child

Baby ToysAs your baby enters this stage, she discovers how much fun her own hands can be and now they are no longer compressed their hands as in the first.

She discovers how to use her hands, starts sucking her fingers, and uses them to grasp a baby toy that has been placed in her hands.

Your baby learns to pass a baby toy back and forth between her hands and rotate her wrist to inspect it from all sides, before popping it into her mouth. She will put much attention into her hands, grasping and gripping everything.

Make sure that whatever baby toy you will be giving is safe for chewing and check all the labels. Never attach a baby toy to a crib or playpen with elastic.

What type of baby toy you have to buy for your child?

Plush toys: Soft and cuddly plush toys are a childhood favorite and many children will begin to develop attachments to their little stuffed friends at right about this age.

Be careful while choosing a plush baby toy for the children of this age. Avoid buying those baby toys that have parts that can come off or wire portions that could stab your baby.

As a rule, avoid any toy that has any part that baby could yank off and stuff into her mouth. While buying a baby toy read all the labels that pertain to recommended ages.

Colorful teething rings:

This type of baby toy is useful for chewing when her gums are sore. Some of these toys contain fluids that cool when you store them in the fridge and can provide cooling relief when your baby really needs it.


The baby rattle is the archetypal baby toy at this age. Every baby at this age will love to make noise. You can try singing songs with your baby and allow your baby to sing along with you with the rhythm of the rattle.

Baby books:

The swollen plastic air filled books and board books are also a popular item. It is not too early to start reading to baby, certainly most of the mothers begin while their baby is still in the womb.

Play gym:

For a baby who is still horizontal, this baby toy is a rack that comes with dangling toys or from which you can hang toys of your own.

These activity center type toys consists of objects that your baby can spin, grasp, push, pull, and otherwise manipulate, however remain attached to a central console. Consider them as baby dashboards for fun and games.

Squeaky robber toys:

Anything a baby can grip and squeak is usually very popular. This baby toy is perfect for your baby bathing.


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