Adorable Gifts For Your Baby’s First Birthday

Birthday gifts for your little one can be easy and fun to buy if you know how to shop efficiently. It is essential for you to identify the needs of your baby as well as the likes and dislikes of your baby.

If you complete these simple tasks, it will make finding the right gift for your baby much easier. Here are a few gift options to help you select the perfect gift for your baby.

Lulu the Lamb Rocker

Lulu, the cutest little lamb rocker, has a fleecy soft padded body; sturdy handles and a stylish dark wood base for a smooth comfy ride.  Lulu will definitely warm up your baby’s heart with her floppy ears, long lashes on her button eyes and an embroidered pink nose.

Besides being a cozy companion for your baby, Lulu will also be a charming piece for your kid’s nursery décor.
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Porter the Puppy Stuffed Chair

Little kids love original stuffed chairs. If your baby is a petite puppy lover, s/he will not be able to resist Porter. With soft fur, floppy ears, a cute big nose and silly button eyes, Porter will attract everyone.

It can also be a great companion for your kids’ backyard camping and a fun piece for nursery décor. [ via ]


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