5 Unique Baby Gifts For Smart Babies

Baby gifts are considered to be the best expression of one’s love and care towards a baby. So why not you consider giving a special touch to your gifts and get some really unique baby gifts for that sweet little baby.

Choosing unique baby gifts is not an easy task and sometimes it can be very tiring as well as exhausting. Here are some unique baby gifts which helps you a lot:

Infant Audio Developer Phil Harmonic

Unique Baby Gifts

This is an interactive toy that actually grows with the child, playing different musical selections as the child grows up. Baby learns to recognize and imitates sounds, through play and music.

Baby reacts to music and speech patterns. Baby tries to create the music and play voice recordings. Check out the details at


Learn And Groove Musical Table

Unique Baby Gifts

It’s a learning fiesta for your little one. This interactive, melodious activity table engages and entertains your baby with melodies, real instrument sounds, and songs and also includes lot of things to spin, roll, open and close.

The Learn and Groove Musical Table also helps your child develop the motor skills required for learning to stand. As your baby learns to stand, his or her little hands can stay busy with reaching, pulling and grabbling. You can check the details at


Baby Einstein Discover and Play Toy Color Blocks

Unique Baby Gifts

Your baby will enjoy hours of fun with these plush toy color blocks. These blocks are perfect for stacking, squeezing, learning, and tossing, the blocks will be a favorite during the early years.

As their fine and large motor skills develop in your baby, he will practice stacking and knocking over the blocks, or perhaps making numerical or shape patterns.

Kids will enjoy feeling the different textures on each plane of the block. You baby will make the associations between the colors and the images as he begins to figure out what to expect from the world. Check the details of this baby gift at


Little Touch Leappad

Unique Baby Gifts

Little touch leappad system is especially designed to build early learning skills, with stories that come to life with the simple touch of a finger. Every little touch book introduces your child to sounds, language, shapes, numbers, letters and more. It can be useful for 6 months to 3 years.


Baby Einstein: Alpha books

Unique Baby Gifts

Every board in this book consists of real life photos and illustrations of everyday objects. It helps in teaching your baby about each letter. It depicts everyday objects common to baby’s world. You can check the features at



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