What To Look For When Choosing A Baby Crib?

Baby FurnitureBuying a baby crib can be very exciting for every new parent.

Choosing a baby crib is one of the most important furniture choices that you have to make for your baby’s nursery.

You have to consider several factors before buying a baby crib.

You should take your time in choosing a baby crib.

Make sure that you need to be satisfied with the safety features, quality, finish, and style.

Common types of baby cribs:

You can find four different types of baby cribs. They are:

  1. Standard cribs
  2. Convertible cribs
  3. Canopy cribs
  4. Round cribs

Standard cribs:

Standard cribs are of two types. One is a crib with single drop side and the other is a crib with double drop side. Usually they are very expensive and they offer traditional look for your baby’s nursery.

Convertible cribs:

Convertible cribs can be converted from a standard crib to a toddler bed and then to a full sized bed. These cribs are also very expensive. But, these cribs will save you from buying a full sized bed when your child outgrows the crib.

Canopy cribs:

These types of cribs consist of four posts on the corners of the bed which keep up a metal frame for placing fabric canopies.

Round cribs:

They are becoming a most popular option for new parents. Usually these cribs have a single drop side.

What are the features you have to look when buying a baby crib?

  • Mainly you have to look for safety when buying a baby crib.
  • Ensure that the width between crib slats is not more than 2 3/8 inches, when lowered drop sides are at least 9 inches above the mattress support, when raised the drop sides need to be at least 26 inches above the mattress support.
  • Make sure that the crib mattress needs to fit snugly with no more than 2 fingers width between crib side and mattress.
  • The crib surface must be smooth and free of splinters.
  • It is better to look for secure drop side mechanism.
  • Look for the baby crib that does not have any rough splinters, edges, corners, or peeling paints.
  • Choose a crib that permits to adjust the mattress height as your child grows. Mattress thickness must be not more than 6 inches and fit tightly into the crib frame.
  • Teething rail must cover the tops of the railings, which prevents your toddler from chewing on wood.
  • While choosing a baby crib, make sure that it is sturdy. Lower and raise the rail a number of times to ensure that it moves easily and quietly.


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