Tips To Buy Baby Mattress For Safe And Comfortable Sleep Of Your Angel!

Baby MattressYou need the baby mattress and the crib to complete the set. You have to know some things before buying crib mattress.

Here are some tips how to buy crib mattress for the comfort and safety of your baby.

Check the crib size against the baby mattress size. The size of the mattress should not be an issue as standard sizes of crib and crib mattress are made now-a-days.

Occasionally the mattress may not fit well into the crib so checking is most important.

See that the baby mattress fairly fits into the crib. There would be no gap between the mattress and crib frame such that you cannot push more than one finger in between the mattress and the baby crib.

Firm mattress should be taken. Parents think that soft mattress are a good choice to buy, but the babies require a surface that is solid to sleep as their heads are not lifted from the soft mattress, when they are turned over.

To check how much pressure it takes to sink into the mattress, push down the mattress gently. If there is more resistance for your hand to sink in then the mattress is firmer.

Coil and foam does not matter really. Crib mattresses made of foam are cheap when compared to the coil mattress. They are safe if they are not soft.

Foam mattress is light in weight and they can be lifted easily when you need to change the sheets. The coil mattress is to be checked for presence of the coils number. If the number of coils is more then it is firmer mattress.

Multi-layered covers are durable and good. The anti-microbial layer on the top of the crib mattress helps in cutting down the germs from diapers accidents and split-ups. Also check the seal on the cover of the baby mattress. The plastic seams appear to be weak, sturdy or split open.

You need not worry about the cost as the crib mattress is not so expensive and they are durable and safe. For a crib mattress you can expect to spend $75 to $100.

In case of crib mattress, no need to spend more as there are no additional benefits or useful features with price tag.

But there are some exceptions to this, they are natural materials, organic crib mattresses or allergy-reducing covers. These specialty mattresses are more expensive, but they are not needed by the baby.

For the best quality, check whether manufacturer of crib mattress is a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association member or the crib mattress carries a JPMA seal.

Hence, you can buy the best quality baby mattress having the JPMA seal for the comfortable sleep of your loved babies.


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