The Changing Table – Do You Really Need One?

As a new parent it is understandable that one wants to buy all the things that you imagine may be required for a new baby.

Among those things is a changing table, which many take for granted is one of the basics required to furnish the nursery.

Many people find that a changing table is very convenient. However is it really necessary? Does one really need a changing table? Consider these factors:

  • There are several other items of furniture that could double up as a changing table, such as the top of a dresser, a high table etc. Or you can always change your baby on the floor or the carpet or on the bed.
  • Many experienced parents will tell you that this is a wasted expense and that the money could have been used better for something else.
  • Also consider if you will cart your baby back to the nursery each time a nappy change is required.
  • Do you have the space to fit in a changing table? You should ideally have enough space around the nursery to move comfortably around.
  • When baby starts to roll over, a changing table may get a bit dangerous
  • Also consider that a baby outgrows diapers fairly quickly after which a changing table is quite superfluous.


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