Playpens for Baby – How to Choose a Playpen

Some would say that playpens for baby are an unnecessary expense; however any number of parents will tell you the great utility of a playpen for their baby. Playpens offer a safe and contained area within which a baby can amuse him or herself, without the fear of a mobile baby getting out and getting hurt or into a potentially dangerous situation.

playpens for baby
Playpens for baby are portable so you can set them up wherever you plan to be, and they are safer than setting baby down in their cot for a period of play. Playpens can also provide an excellent learning environment since you can interact with baby while you do other chores around the home.

Playpens for baby should ideally have the following features –

  • There should be no sharp edges, or protrusions that could potentially injure the baby. There should be no small parts for danger of choking, or cords that could result in accidental strangulation. Also check the hinges; they should be the type where there is no danger of pinching and scissoring. And any cushions or toys that you place inside the baby’s playpen should also be such that there is no chance of suffocation.
  • Whether the playpens for baby are made in the traditional way, with wood or they are of the mesh and metal tubing construction, they should be of strong and sturdy. The rails should be able to take at least 50 pounds of weight and the floor should be able to take at least 80 pounds.
  • It is very important to look for the sort of playpens for baby that have a locking device, so prevent the playpen from collapsing in upon itself in any circumstances.
  • Also consider which size the playpen should be. If you plan for it to be moved around a lot – take it from room to room as you move or carry it along in a car frequently, outdoors into the yard and so on, then you need to look at those playpens for baby that are easily foldable, compact, light and portable. If however you will need the playpen to remain in one place you can pick out the larger, more luxurious playpens for baby that allow more freedom of movement and make the baby feel less constricted.
  • Also consider the cost factor – the larger playpens for baby could cost more, whereas the smaller ones may be considerably cheaper.


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