Nursery Requisites For Your Newborn!

Regal Cradle!

If you want to treat your baby like royalty, this cradle perfectly suits to your thoughts. This imperial cradle is a perfect place for your little princess/prince to sleep. It offers an antique appeal with the convenience of modern crafts.

It is hand painted in a black finish and hand carved in gold. Hardware required to stabilize the rocking motion is also included with the piece. 18″ x 36″ mattress is also given along with the cradle.

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Baby Bjorn Baby Sitter 1-2-3 Bouncer!

With 3 different positions to sleep, rest or play, it offers versatility to suit your kid’s mood. The soft cloth seat molds your baby’s body to feel the extreme comfort. Baby Bjorn baby sitter includes easy open buttons that can help you to put in or take out your baby.

The materials used in the making are quite harmless for your little one and all fabrics are machine washable. The special feature of this Baby Bjorn chair is that once your baby starts walking, you can remove the toy bar and the restraint and you can use it as a seat (up to 29lbs).

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