Nursery Furniture: What Pieces Do You Really Need?

The range of items available in nursery furniture these days is absolutely mind-boggling, but how much do you really need?

Everything you could possibly think of in nursery furniture, and some things you wouldn’t think of, are available in specialist stores, department stores and online stores and sites.

nursery-furnitureEvery expectant parent and grandparent wants the new addition to the family to have everything possible, and for their nursery to look beautiful.

It is admirable to want to provide well for your child, but your budget must be able to cover your expenditure.

If you are planning your nursery at the moment and are wondering how you are going to manage everything, here are some helpful tips for alternative ways to achieve a wonderful result in decorating and furnishing your baby’s nursery.

Decide what nursery furniture you really need and what can be done without

While it would be lovely to go into a store and order one of everything in a matching set, is it all really necessary? Remember that the manufacturers of nursery furniture and accessories keep adding to their ranges so they can sell more; this doesn’t mean that you have to buy it all.

Do you need a bassinet as well as a crib? Do you need to buy an expensive baby crib that turns into a bed for the older child, or can you save money now, by putting off buying the bed till later?

Do you need to have bookshelves in the nursery? Is a large closet necessary for a baby, or would something smaller be satisfactory in the short term?

Make a list of the nursery furniture you must have; make another list of the things you want to have; then make a third list of the things that would be nice to have. Start with getting the items on the first list.

Ask family and friends to help furnish your nursery

People are going to buy things for you and the baby, so why not ask them to help you buy the nursery furniture.

People could go together on larger items or some might just give you the cash to buy whatever you want. Let everyone know you would like help with furnishing the nursery.

Consider using second hand furniture

A lot of nursery furniture actually receives little use, and second hand goods can save you lots of money. Friends who have finished having babies may have furniture that you can buy cheaply and some people will just give you pieces.

A coat of paint does wonders for a pre-loved piece of furniture, and you have the added advantage of being able to choose a specific color to suit your baby nursery theme.

If you are a DIY-er, reconditioning nursery furniture will be a rewarding experience, and you will love to see your baby using furniture you have lovingly prepared.

If you do decide on a second hand bassinet or crib, you will probably want to purchase a new mattress, so your baby is sleeping on a fresh base.

So there are other ways to furnish your nursery than buying loads of new stuff. Plan your theme, slap on some paint, add some accessories and create a wonderful room for the latest member of your family.


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