How To Arrange Baby Furniture In The Nursery?

baby furnitureArranging the baby furniture is an important consideration while planning and decorating your baby nursery.

Here are some useful tips to help you:

  • The first thing is selecting where to place the baby’s crib. Don’t place the crib beside the wall that is next to the bathroom or any other room that would create a lot of sounds and noises. The wall should not be near to a noisy street or neighbor as well, this is because the noise will keep the infant from resting and when he/she doesn’t rest, you too won’t have one. Do not locate the baby crib under the windows, for lots of “baby died falling from window” cases throughout the state have been reported every year due to such imbecile action.
  • Place the changing table close to the entrance of the room. It is more convenient while bringing the baby from other places of the house for changing.
  • Keep the nursery glider or rocker close to the crib and not more than 3 feet away. There will be sufficient space between the crib and glider for easy movement. Also, the space between the crib and glider should not be too long apart so that the sleeping baby will be placed back to the crib without any disturbance. If you place the crib in the midway of the wall, then locate the rocker at one corner.
  • Place other furniture near the outlet. Outlet is the space where you can keep a lamp and baby monitor, also know as baby alarm. You can place some decorative items on the outlet as well. One thing you need to know about is that the outlet should appear to your baby from the crib so that when the baby wakes up, he/she can observe those things instead of just crying or wailing.


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