Exciting Table And Chair Sets For Your Kid’s Play Time

Farmhouse Table with Choice of Chairs

This classic red, white and blue combination of table and chair set is an imaginative choice for your little one. The perfect size for a tiny tea party, the design is both playful and tasteful. The table included in this specific table and chair set features a denim blue base and legs bordered by white stars.

The chairs are available in rusty red or denim blue. Funky and functional, this little chair and table combo will keep your child, and guests, starry-eyed for days afterwards.

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Picnic Table and Chair Set

This outdoor table and chair set is down-to-earth and fun enough for lunch picnics and garden parties. A miniature version of classic outdoor furniture, this picnic set can be easily arranged in your outdoor space or lawn.

While the island green table and white seating are the most traditional, you can choose other colors which your kids like or one that matches your garden theme. The rustic quality is enhanced over time as the furniture becomes exposed to different elements. Additional seating is sold, should your child be a real party animal.

For more details, visit: http://www.poshtots.com/


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