Baby Doll Furniture Plans

Having a little girl around means that the parents not only have to think about dolls, but accessories such as doll furniture also. The good news is that there are a lot of baby doll furniture plans that you could use and you don’t have to buy these items because you can simply make them on your own (with a smaller investment).

Baby Doll Furniture Plans

Bunk bed

You can get this project done in a couple of hours and it doesn’t cost more than $15.

It is suitable for beginners and you will need pinewood for it. The good part of it is that you can use scraps because the majority of the elements are quite small. It is best if you paint the pieces before assembling them to save some time.


In case of this plan for baby doll furniture, you will need two pieces of wood. To make sure that the shelves will hold, you will have to use pegs. You can make these of toothpicks. Since this is a tiny piece you will have to make sure that you mark everything correctly.

Dollhouse table

This might be the easiest one of the baby doll furniture plans. For this project, you will need wood, such as Jelutong or Basswood, carpenter’s glue or PVA glue, glue spreader, razor saw, miter box, ruler, pencil and adjustable clamps. The good thing about this project is that you can create tables of different sizes.


This is a basic one of the plans for furniture for baby dolls. In this case, you will have to think about seat height, seat depth, the back height from the floor, and seat width. Just as in case of the previous project, it is best to use basswood for the chairs.


For this one of the baby doll furniture plans you will need suitable wood like walnut or basswood, razor saw, metal ruler, miniature chisel, clamps, glue spreader, wood glue and a square. Before getting on to business, you will have to get the measures right.

Doll house armoire

In order to get this one of the baby doll furniture plans done with you will have to have at hand craft wood, razor saw, PVA glue or wood glue, glue spreader, miter box, scale brass nails, sandpaper, gluing jig or clamps, and some scale door handles.


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