The Mystery of the Newborn Communication

Every mom would want from the very deep of her heart to understand how her baby feels before it starts talking. However, the way baby communicates is a completely different language.

The good news is that there are signs which can be recognized and interpreted helping you to understand the little one.

New Born CommunicationWhen the baby is fascinated about something it will focus its eyes on that object raising up and lowering the eyebrows.

If it is a bit older, it will point to the thing it is interested in or it will try to move towards it.

You should encourage the baby to discover new objects, describe them to it and repeat their names so the baby will know them.

When something bothers the baby, it will raise both of its eyebrows, arch down the corners of the mouth, the chin will start to tremble and the baby will start to cry.

The right way to go is to intervene and distract the baby’s attention so it will calm down.

When the baby is bored it will solicit your attention crying or throwing toys. When it receives attention the baby will smile or even laugh. Keep in mind not to become the main source of entertainment for the baby.

Teach it to play with different things and enjoy different activities. This way it will learn and have fun.

When the baby gets angry its little face will become red and it will close its eyes. It will push away your hand when you want to comfort it. A baby does not do that because of the causes we adults do.

It can be very tired or hungry or it can simply not feel well. Calm the baby using a smooth tone of voice and try to figure out the source of its little rage.

When the baby is afraid, it will open its eyes widely and its little hands will start to tremble. The source of its fright is most of the time a loud noise or an abrupt movement.

You should be very careful about this since the baby fears will translate into the baby sleep not allowing the baby to rest.


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