Stimulate your baby’s Senses with these Tips!

Senses are very important to be developed right from the age of infancy so that they are sharp and well stimulated when the babies grow up. There is no harsh regime for this, but some easy tips to be followed to slowly develop your child’s senses so that they become strong with time. As parents, you need to follow the given tips in order to develop the sense connections of your little babies. Read more:

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Make scents:

The sense of smell emerges the earliest in babies. Do not make the scent too strong and make sure that the scent is not produced with chemical room fresheners. Easy scents like the scent of the breast milk, regular nightgowns worn by the mother etc. can be soothing and associable. Natural and mild floral scents can go good in this case too.

Use a gentle touch:

Babies actually feel the vibrations of your body even before you touch them. Hence, develop a familiar way of touching, hugging, kissing or picking up your baby so that it can identify the parents easily. You can also sway and rock or use other rhythmic actions to make the baby feel secure with your touch.

Use colorful toys:

Babies develop their ability to see over the first six months after being born. You can use contrast colored toys to make their eyes get the required activity and exercise. Make eye-contact with your baby in order to help him develop the way or seeing things and looking at them. Use expressions while you speak so that your baby grasps them too.

Use baby talk:

While developing your baby’s ability to hear, use baby talk and speak while looking at them at a high pitch. Play soothing music while putting your babies to sleep and as hear related memory is high in babies, you make familiar sounds repeatedly so that they learn to associate you with the sound.

Developing the taste buds:

It is said that babies can become picky eaters even before tasting their first food. Hence, when you introduce solid food to them, introduce 15 to 20 kids of differently tasting baby food so that you get to know their liking or dislike towards their food and mostly you will know this with their expressions or them eating or spitting it out. Know what your babies like so that you know about their development of taste buds.


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