5 Best Ways to Stimulate your Baby’s Senses

It is a fact that infants or babies perceive things differently than adults and for the first few months after birth, they cannot see all colors and their sense of hearing or touching may not be fully developed.  But there are many ways to stimulate and boost the senses of your baby so that he/she develops hearing, seeing, touching and other such senses quickly. The following is a list of the 5 best ways to stimulate your baby’s sense:

ways to stimulate your baby’s senses


To stimulate the vision of your little one, you can decorate the nursery in bright colors and some bold patterns. Babies see things in contrast of black and white for the initial few weeks and introducing them to bright colors may help see more colors. You can also start playing peek-a-boo to help the baby in hand-eye coordination.


The baby’s hearing begins to develop when he/she is in the womb. To encourage hearing and language development, you can start speaking to the baby while he/she is in the womb. It is a great idea to sing softly to the baby both before and after birth and to use different tones and patterns of speech.


The sense of touch is possibly the most developed sense at the time of birth and to stimulate it further, you can hold the baby close to you often and try skin-to-skin contact. Rub some lotion on the baby’s body after bathing and try gentle massage every once in a while.


Babies usually have a very good sense of smell right from the birth and they recognize the mother’s smell within a week after birth. Babies are sensitive to the smell of breast milk and can distinguish it from formula milk. To stimulate the sense of smell further, you can use the same types of product regularly since babies like familiarity. Also, do not expose them to strong smells of perfume etc early on.


Infants always prefer sweet tastes but dislike anything which is bitter and sour. Four months after birth, they begin to recognize saltiness and spiciness. To stimulate the sense of taste, you can eat a variety of foods when you are breastfeeding as babies can taste everything you taste through your diet.  Doing so may discourage him to be a picky eater later on in life and will stimulate the taste buds.


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