The Stages of Baby Development and What Comes with Them

Every baby develops at a different rate, but still there are some general stages of baby development. In the moment of birth there are four main things that the little one is able to do: breathe, suck, cry and kick. Can you imagine that in a year he or she will be able to express a unique personality?

Stages of Baby Development

First month

This is the first stage of the development of the baby. In this period he or she will become a lot more alert. Also the little one will be able to make head movement when placed on the stomach and this strengthens the muscles. At the end of the first month he might even turn his head a bit.

By this stage of the baby’s development the hearing of the little one will be completely developed. The social skills also get developed in this stage and most probably he or she will be able to coo and smile.

Usually vocalization first happens while the baby is sleeping.

Second month

In this, one of the stages of baby development, physical development takes place. The baby will be able to hold his or her head up while being on the stomach. He or she will be able to move the arms and legs more smoothly.

The sounds that the little one makes will become more significant. You can expect to see a lot of smiles in this month. Although usually babies don’t sleep through the night, in this stage of the baby’s development he or she should have longer sleeping cycles.

Third month

One of the most important things that you will experience in this stage of the baby’s development is laughter. Cooing and other vocalization will also happen more often.

It is very important to observe that by this time the baby will be able to recognize your face, voice and scent and this is why it is very important to communicate with him or her as much as possible.

The strengthening of the muscles also happens in this stage and if he or she is placed on the stomach you can see some push-ups that strengthen the muscles of the arms. Since he or she will have improved coordination, the baby will start reaching for toys in this stage of the baby’s development. Also the little one might bring the hands together and would be able to roll over.

Fourth month

This one of the stages of baby development is important because the first signs of speaking appear. The little one will answer in case he or she hears your voice. This should be encouraged through communication.

Grabbing items goes on, and since the coordination is better so in case there are some items that aren’t baby friendly around the baby, you will have to put them out of his or her reach. This stage of the baby’s development is important because you could start switching to solid foods.

From now on starts the even more complex evolution and you should know that all the months of the first year are stages of baby development.


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