Different Stages of Baby Brain Development

Baby brain development takes place in different stages. In the initial period, they are totally dependent on their mother for taking care of them for different things like dressing, feeding, cleaning, teaching and loving. At birth, the baby can see, hear, taste, smell and see. Most of their organs are developed except the brain. When they are young, brain development in babies should be encouraged by the parents who at this stage act as the teachers.

Although the learning process of human beings last a lifetime, the groundwork for learning is laid during infancy.

Essential aspects of baby brain development:

Baby Brain DevelopmentPhysical contact

This is important for most babies and it involves contact with both parents. They should know that they have people to love them and this often leads to a sense of security.

They also need to know that you are there for hem; do not leave them alone when they cry. Babies have no way of letting you know that something is wrong with them. Hence, they cry. May be, it’s the diaper or the tag on the dress that is hurting them.

Visual stimulus

Visual escalation is an important part of brain development in babies. Placing brightly colored objects in front of babies not only helps secure their attention and enthralls them, but also creates a visual stimulus that in the long run is highly beneficial for them.


One of the important parts of baby brain development is what they gather from their parents. This includes their linguistic skills as well. You should take some time off to read to your kids. One good thing that you can do is take them on your lap facing you and speak to them. They will react on seeing your face, as well as acquire curiosity about how you move your tongue and lips for making those sounds. The brain developmentin babies will help them react on the basis of those sounds.


A musical influence helps sharpen the stages of baby brain development. A study showed that babies who listened to Mozart showed amazing skills in their mathematical abilities. However, you should not forget that baby can hear you when they are still in the womb. Hence, listening to music will foster their brain development.

Sight and hearing

For most, brain development in babies is influenced by movement, colors and shapes, just as music grows their hearing abilities.

Socialization and emotions

Babies develop an emotional bonding with their caregivers in the initial 18 months, which builds on their ability to sense emotions such as happiness and empathy. With subsequent brain development in babies, they become conscious of their individuality, interacting and sharing with others.

Trauma and stress

Stress and traumatic events may hamper brain development, causing eating disorders, depression and post traumatic stress conditions.


Fat produces myelin in the brain which enhances baby brain development. The baby learns to process information, building on their motor skills and linguistic capacities. Deficiency of protein and iron may even lead to cognitive disorders.


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