Infant Development-Know The Changing Milestones From Birth To Three Months!

Infant DevelopmentMany things happen from birth to three months. You have to recognize, reinforce and watch these changes in your young ones. Your baby will grow and develop on her own.

Considering the milestones of infant development will be easy as you know your baby.

During first month, your family members can feel some trouble to adjust. But soon they will be habituated to it.

You can feel it as the endless circle of soothing, feeding and diapering. You can delight at your infant development and growth and it becomes a routine work for you.

Motor skills:

You can observe your baby wobbly during first few days. Your baby can lift their head when lying on tummies and face their head straight while on their back. These changes are observed few months later.

Your baby may not roll over but can turn from side to back. Kicking and stretching of your baby becomes vigorous. Your baby will grasp the toy that you hold and can hold for few minutes tightly.


On hearing to the loud noises, your baby will respond by waking from light sleep, blinking, frowning and startling. Your baby can also respond to your voices, sound of foot steps, and water running. The rhythm of slow sucking and limb movements are increased.


They have the ability to focus the objects that are 8 to 12 inches away while feeding. Your baby can examine the complex designs and size, shape and color of different objects.

Your child can study their feet and hands. They can make some sounds at 3 months of age.


The newborn babies are sensitive to touch. You should take care of them while holding and feeding. Your baby will make bubbles with their mouth, coo when you talk to them and smile on their own.

Your facial expressions can be mimicked by your baby. When he or she is in need of some comfort or security they will reach you.

The infant development is based on your relationship with your baby. This is the foundation for the healthy development of your baby. See that you fulfill the needs of your baby.

Tender kisses and gentle caresses can make your baby feel that they are loved, secured and safe. You can allow your baby to study your face by touching you and holding your finger with their little hands.

Simple conversation improves the development of your baby’s language. You can respond to your baby’s gurgles and the coos. Describe about the things around you and outside.

Use the simple words that can be applied to your baby’s life. Their emotions and ideas are communicated through your voice.

If you observe any problems in infant development you can consult your doctor. The reasons can be:

  • Poor weight gain
  • No improvement in head control
  • Extreme floppiness
  • Not lifting the head while lying down
  • Not responding to the sounds like loud noises, visual cues and bright lights.

The above developmental milestones can be observed from birth to three months during infant development.


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