How to Recognize the Baby Memory?

Many young parents remain surprised and impressed by the incredible ability of their newborn. According to recent psychological research, the baby develops the ability to memorize information from the moment of its birth.

In the beginning the baby has short memory and underdeveloped subconscious. The psychologists however agree that everything that baby sees, hears and touches leaves a lasting impression, which is helping to establish a link with the world around the baby.

Baby MemoriesHere’s what you need to know if you want to reinforce the child’s ability to remember information.

Even the newborn builds memories. Faces, voices and the smell of the loved ones – especially the one of the mother – remain the most vivid traces in the little one’s consciousness during the first months of its life.

The babies can remember quickly some simple skills such as where to turn their heads to reach the breast or the bottle of milk.

The baby loves the sound of your voice, so use it. Although he may not understand the content of your favorite children’s song, your voice will deliver great pleasure.

Furthermore, your baby will create a memory that associates the song with time for sleep. Sing songs and include hand gestures. Try to play games with it, suggesting direct contact and touch. Don’t forget that repetition helps the memory.

Your child should see or hear something at least a dozen times before the impression will become a part of his memory.

The child begins to associate individuals with their characteristic activities after 9 months of his life. At this age children can connect a person with a certain action: for example, if his grandfather likes to put his glasses in a shirt`s pocket, your baby will probably reach for this pocket every time he sees the grandfather.

Don’t forget to stimulate your baby`s memories by repeating words, songs and activities, which your baby enjoys.


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