Eyesight Development Milestones

newborn eyeMost right thinking parents look for nothing more in their new born other than that the baby is healthy and normal in every way; that the baby develops in the way and at the speed that is generally considered usual.

So it is likely that most new parents are watching eagerly to see that their baby is reaching milestones more or less in the manner and at the times that are expected.

Of our five sense, eyesight is the one that we rely on the most, and so the eyesight development milestones are the ones that among the most closely watched by parents in their baby. A newborn’s eyes are already 70% of the adult size and so are quite well developed even at birth.

Baby can start to see while still in the mother’s womb and is able to see when born, though not very far or very clear.

At birth a baby is able to focus on things only some 6 inches away from the eyes and at that stage is unable to follow objects with the eyes as they move.

A newborn’s eyes seem to cross in the attempt to focus on an object and this is quite normal.

A new born will be able to comprehend bold and large patterns in basic colors to begin with and will enjoy looking at red, black or white colors rather than the more subtle hues. And most of all, the thing that a baby will enjoy seeing is human faces.

By about 4 months of age, a baby will be able to perceive depth of vision that was not possible to do earlier. The baby will show a preference for certain objects to look at, over others.

By about 5 months of age, the baby’s eyesight will be well developed enough to be able to spot and focus on tiny objects as well.

By 6 months of age, a baby is able to follow you about the room with his or her eyes and can spot you entering a room across the length of a room and if you smile, even from that distance, it is visible to your baby.

By about 8 months of age, a baby is still more interested in objects close at hand but the vision of a baby is fully developed at this age; almost to the extent of the visual development of an adult.


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