Encouraging Your Baby Walking Attempts

Baby WalkingLearning baby walking is a key milestone in every baby’s life. The first step while learning baby walking takes place in between nine and thirteen months.

Sometimes baby walking starts at sixteenth or seventeenth month, you need not to worry, this is still perfectly normal.

Baby exercise is essentially important to their health. The first baby exercise of course will be in the nurse’s arms.

After a month or two when your baby begins to sleep less during the day, he will delight to roll and kick about on the sofa.

He will thus use his limbs freely. Expose your baby into the open air, is all the exercise he requires at this period.

At some period the child will make his first attempt to walk. There are some baby walking devices which have been devised to teach a child to walk.

If you adopt the go-cart, leading-strings etc, their tendency is harmful, and they can cause flatness of the chest, confined lungs, distorted spine, and deformed legs, are so many evils which often originate in such practices.

How to treat the injury during first attempt of baby walking?

It is highly necessary that the young and experienced mother should recollect this fact, and she must encourage and prolong the baby walking attempts, without any thought of trouble which they may cause in occasion.

You can treat the troubles which occur at baby walking period. These troubles can be remedied by using those means that shall invigorate the frame, and promote the child’s general health.

A daily push into the cold bath, or sponging with cold salt water, will be found signally effective. Avoid the original cause of distortion at baby walking period that will never allow the child to get upon his feet.

The only way to complete the latter plan is to put both the legs into a large stocking; this provides the free and full exercise of the muscles of the legs. After some months following this plan, the limbs will be found no longer deformed.

The bones will acquire firmness and the muscles will be strengthened. Hence the child may be allowed to get upon his feet again without any hazard of effecting or renovating the evil.

Teaching baby walking:

The best mode of teaching baby walking is to let it teach itself. The baby will first crawl about; this exercises every muscle in the body, does not weaken the child, throws no weight upon the bones, but imparts vigor and strength, and is thus highly useful.

After a while, when your baby acquires the power, he will wish to do more. It will make an effort to lift himself upon his feet by the aid of a chair. Your baby continues his attempts until he accomplish it.

Through the above attempts your child will learn, to rise himself from the floor, he can stand by holding an object on which he has seized, next he will balance himself without holding, and will proudly and laughingly show that he can stand alone.

The attempts for baby walking will be repeated day after day with increased joy. After performing numerous trials, he will be confident of his power to balance himself, and he will run alone.

Some time is needed for gradual self-teaching, during which the muscles and bones become strengthened. At last your child can maintain the weight of the body.


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