Can You Teach A Baby To Talk?

Well yes and no. There are several things you can do to encourage your baby to talk; things you can do to make sure baby is exposed to language as much as possible, but really there is no way to make a baby talk.

Understand that all milestones of each baby can vary greatly and can all still be the realm of ‘normal’. So babies just start to talk when they are good and ready and there is no reason to be worried that a baby is a later talker than another.

This may be a particular concern when that other baby is a sibling and you wonder why your elder child was speaking sentences at age two and your second child is barely managing two syllable words.

In order that baby picks up speech as quickly as possible, parents can make sure that they speak with the baby a lot. And don’t monopolize the conversation either.

Speak and then wait for baby to respond. At first it may be just a grunt or a chuckle; later perhaps it is a word that will delight you! As you work around the house, describe what you are doing, as you cook, show baby the ingredients so that they are identifiable for the child.

Ask baby’s opinion from time to time, so that the level of involvement in the conversation is high. This will make the baby want to participate and perhaps even offer an opinion!


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