Using Baby Weight Chart by Week

It is just natural that while the baby is still inside, you want to know how he or she is doing.

If you take a look at the baby weight chart week by week you might get scared of how small the baby is at the beginning of the pregnancy and how much it grows until the end of it.


Week 8

Believe it or not, this is when the pregnancy officially starts. There are a lot of women who don’t even know that they are pregnant until this point. Even if you do know, the baby is still very small and almost without any weight. At this point the weight of the baby is supposed to be of 0.04 ounce.

Week 14

According to the week by week baby weight chart the weight of the baby gradually increases. The one ounce milestone is reached between the 13th and 14th week of pregnancy. It is possible for the baby to double its weight from one week to the other.

Week 21

If you follow the baby weight chart week by week, you should know that by the 21st week the weight of the baby is supposed to be of around 12.70 ounces. This is a big change if you come to think of the fact that in only 7 weeks the weight of the baby increased by 10 times.

Week 28

The week by week weight chart of the baby tells us that during the 28th week of pregnancy the little one is supposed to be of 2.22 pounds. Again, this is a major change. There is an important milestone reached again. Around the 23rd week of pregnancy the baby reaches for the first time the weight of 1 pound.

Week 35

Regardless whether you follow the baby weight chart week by week or not, at this point the baby could survive on its own if he or she got born. The weight is already of about 5.25 pounds, which can be considered a new milestone. However the baby may grow even more.

Week 42

There are a lot of women who give birth before the 42nd week of pregnancy. According to the weekly baby weight chart, the baby should be of 8.12 pounds by this time.

There are a lot of interesting things to know about the baby weight chart week by week.


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