First Year and Baby Development Milestones

The majority of the new parents are interested in the baby development milestones so that they will know what they can expect from the baby. The truth is that every baby develops at its own pace and sooner or later you will see all the milestones.

The milestones of baby development in month one

Baby-Development-MilestonesDuring this month the baby is able to lift his or her head for short periods of time, turn his or her head, clench hands, use the gasp reflex, look at you and follow objects. In the same time the baby is able to see white and black patterns, he or she stays quiet when hearing a voice. There is also a lot of crying.

Month two

The milestones of the baby’s development during this month include lifting his or her head for longer periods of time, decrease of the grasping reflex, following the moving objects with the eyes and searching for the source of the voices. During this month, other sounds appear besides crying.

Month three

When you reach this month, the baby development milestones include bearing weight on the legs when being in a standing position, holding the head up, raising the head when lying, lack of grasping reflex, holding objects, following objects, cooing and babbling and following objects around.

Month four

The baby’s development milestones include in this month the beginning of drooling, sitting, having head control, bearing some weight on the legs, rolling when lying, playing with their hands, trying to reach for objects, grasping objects and making consonant sounds. The baby also starts laughing.

Month five

In this month the major baby development milestones include teething, putting the feet into the mouth, playing with toys, putting the toys into the mouth, smiling at the mirror image, getting upset if a toy is taken, and making the difference between family and strangers.

Month six

In this month biting and chewing, bearing weight on the legs when being in a standing position, controlling and grasping objects, grabbing the feet and  pulling them to the mouth, holding the bottle, and adjusting the body to see a given object.

Month seven

The most important baby development milestones of this month are sitting with support, transferring an object from one hand to the other, banging objects on different surfaces, responding to name, being aware of space and depth, having taste preferences and making sounds when hearing voices.

Month eight to twelve

During this time, the little one’s milestones are sitting without support, being able to release an object, reaching for toys that he or she can’t reach, listening to familiar words, combining syllables without understanding the meaning, and most interestingly, understanding the word no.

The truth is that the baby development milestones from the last 3 months during the first year are more than interesting and by paying attention to them you can see how the baby discovers the world around him or her and you get the chance to witness this amazing journey that starts with indifference and ends with total awareness.


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