Are You A New Parent? Following Suggestions Can Help For Your New Born Development!

New Born DevelopmentComing into the world is a big adventure for the babies.

The new born development involves the social and emotional development.

Sleepy and shy babies also take interest in your face and voice.

New born development in babies is understood by observing these.

  • The new born can feel but they cannot think.
  • They can’t understand what is happening to them.
  • They do not know who is feeding them.
  • They cry when they are hungry and tired but they don’t know who they are cared for.
  • Smile by four to five weeks.
  • They cannot respond to the parents with consciousness.
  • Laugh out loudly by three months.

Some physical development characteristics are many babies cry a lot especially at late afternoons and evenings. The baby can feel overwhelmed and bombarded by external stimuli.

Hearing and seeing in newborns:

New borns can hear the noises and has been hearing before birth. New borns can see with their immature eye muscles but they cannot organise the visual images into meaningful shapes.

The newborn developmental characters are that they are attracted by bright lights, stripes, colors, patterns and dots in the first two months.

  • By six months of time the eyes move in unison.
  • The first object they recognize is human face.
  • They begin to recognize the faces and other things by first three months.

The physical activity of using their body is reflex and involuntary. They can move their limbs when they are awake but they still do not know how to move their body.

Developmental characters of using their body include:

  • Startling, sucking, pulling, and grasping are all reflexes.
  • They watch their feet and hands wave in the air.
  • They lift their head when lying on their tummy, and kick their legs at about eight weeks.

Language and speech in new borns as a means of communication is by crying. Immediately respond to your baby so that they can feel that you are there for them.

Characteristics of speech include:

  • They can discover their voice and begin to make sounds of vowels and cooing sounds by seven or eight weeks.
  • At the stage of eight weeks, they can listen to you, and make noise back as they talk to you.

Suggestions on supporting and encouraging your baby’s developments include:

  • Play them music
  • Hold them a lot
  • Hang the mobile above the cot facing them
  • Speak to them gently by using their name
  • Sing to them
  • Copy their little gestures
  • Rock them
  • Let them look at your face when you talk to them.

In case if your baby is not developing at the same rate along with other children then seek the advice of health professional.

Signs that Suggest on developmental problems include:

  • Unusually stiff and floppy body
  • Fingers are held tightly
  • Not startling to noises
  • Not watching the faces by 2 to 3 months
  • Child is exceptional placid and quiet
  • Long periods of crying.

Hence, you can know the new born development and signs of problems.


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