Unisex Baby Clothes – Great Tips for Shopping?

Planning the wardrobe for children is a daunting task if you do not go systematically, you might even end up buying too many unnecessary clothes and spend a huge fortune. Buying unisex clothes for kids can be a good idea as most of the clothes can be used for a longer time for kids of both sexes; a great way of sharing amongst children of both genders.

Many couples, who have a girl and a boy of close age groups or twins, also prefer buying unisex clothes as they can be worn by both and utilized at its best. The unisex clothes are available in neutral colors and motifs that are not too gender specific – like instead of only floral prints the garments will have some cartoon motifs or other logos that goes well with both boys and girls!

There are both online stores and retail stores that sell clothes for unisex babies; below given are certain tips that you should keep in mind while buying unisex baby clothes:

unisex baby clothes

Look for Undergarments that Suits Both

There are many stores that offer light weight under shirts and are offer you outfitting options during the summers. Moreover, you can use these for adding an extra level of insulation to your baby’s outfit during the winters. They are available in a myriad of colors and thus you can use it for both boys and girls.

Get Unisex Sleepers for Newborns

This is another option that you have and unisex sleepers usually come in neutral colors. Different types are available and you can either go for the light ones or the thick ones, depending on the season.

Buy Common Footwear

White unisex socks are the most common ones that are available – it’s apt for both boys and girls. Basic unisex baby shoes offer simple covering of the foot. Unisex sneakers are also available but as the baby grows, shoes become more gender specific.

Look for Varieties in Clothing

There are different types of unisex baby clothes that you will come across in the market. There are T-shirts that come in neutral colors and can be worn by both the sexes and there are also jeans for babies and these usually suit both the baby girl and baby boy. Similarly shorts that are available in neutral colors are perfect for both the baby boy and girl and of course denim shorts are also appropriate for both the sexes. When it comes to toddlers, shorts become more gender specific. Jackets too are perfect for both the boy and girl and are available in various styles and designs.


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