Tips for Buying Cheap Baby Clothes

It makes sense not to buy too many clothes for your little one, mainly because babies grow so fast and therefore outgrow their clothes so fast. So how do you avoid spending so much on baby clothes? Here are some tips:

  • Gently used baby clothes can be obtained from consignment shops or second hand shops for greatly reduced prices
  • Take advantage of clearance sales, they are the place to find great bargains and you can stock up for later as well; for instance you can buy items for next summer when the summer clearance sales start. Just remember to buy larger sizes so accommodate baby next year
  • Ebay and Craiglist kinds of online shopping sites are an excellent source of cheap baby clothing. Clearance sales there, parents looking to flog off items their kids never wore, etc, can all tot up to considerable savings.
  • Swap clothes. Get in touch not only with friends and family, but also with neighbors and other parents who have kids, a little older or younger than yours; with whom you can swap clothes. This actually means you get rid of stuff you don’t want and get free stuff.


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