Start Your Baby’s Life Green: Organic Clothing For Your Little One

baby clothesDid you know that organic cotton is grown with little or no impact on the fragile environment?

Production systems that follow organic rules and regulations replenish the fertility of the soil instead of depleting it.

You can also count on the fact that no fertilizers or toxic pesticides were used on the cotton that will eventually end up on or near your baby’s skin.

Cotton is a fragile crop and is susceptible to pests that can do a lot of damage.

Cotton takes 5% of the world’s agricultural land and it is said that cotton that is grown in the conventional manner can consume as much as 25% of insecticides and over 10% of pesticides so that just one t-shirt using commercial methods of farming cotton can be made.

Why Choose Organic?

Choosing 100% organic products for your baby ensures that your baby’s carbon footprint is smaller than it would be had you used conventional products.

Organic products ensure that the environment is being treated well and you don’t have to worry about what is close to your baby’s delicate skin.

You can purchase 100% organic baby clothes, blankets and bedding, cloth diapers as well as food and beverages for your baby. Supporting organically grown goods is an ideal way to care for the planet you are passing down to your newborn.

The organic market is booming and this is especially true for products used on your baby. All natural lotions, potions, soaps and shampoos can be found as well.

If you are going to dress your baby in organic clothing then you may as well stay the course and use only organic products for baby. [Baby Products]

Starting Fresh

You may as well start your baby off right with organic products. You can tell anyone that will be buying things for the baby that you want everything to be organically grown and processed.

Explain that chemicals, herbicides and other toxic materials are used for conventional baby products and you want to avoid these hazards for your baby right from the very start.

Organic cotton clothing and bedding will be so much better for your baby’s skin especially for those babies with sensitive skin or allergies.

Organic baby clothes may cost a bit more, but isn’t your baby worth a few extra pennies spent to ensure that not only the environment is being well cared for, but your baby as well?


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