Sleepwear Options For Newborn Babies

Baby clothing can be bought for their cute quotient and practicality; however, when it comes to sleepwear for a new born baby, some additional aspects need to be considered.

sleepwear for new born babiesThe baby should be able to remain at a comfortable constant temperature – so the clothing should be neither too warm nor too cold. Also it should be such that it does not bunch or get tangled with the baby or pose any kind of choking hazard; even remotely.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying sleepwear for new born babies:

  • You may need somewhere between 6 and 10 sleepwear outfits.
  • They can be long sleeved onsies with built in booties, so that baby is full and snugly covered through the night. If you are getting the sort of sleepwear that have built in socks or booties, then don’t put on socks in addition to them. This can cause baby’s feet to get overheated and perhaps even result in something called sock dermatitis.
  • Sleeping gowns are also a good bet because they make diaper changing easy and give a baby more ease of movement. One thing to be careful about gowns though is, that many of these come with strings, or ribbons at the bottom. These could get caught up the little toes and fasten around little ankles cutting off circulation. So it is best to buy the kind that have enclosed strips of plastic at the bottom of the gown, without any loose ends.
  • When buying sleep wear, make sure that the material used to make it, is the appropriate kind that has flame retardant properties.
  • Consider buying the kind of sleepwear that has built in mittens or gloves. This not only keeps baby warm, it also prevents accidental scratching from those sharp little nails.
  • Make sure that the material used to make the sleep wear is breathable and lightweight – so that the child is comfortable and sleeps well without fitful waking up.
  • Consider a baby sleep sack that will keep baby snug and warm all night. Many of these are designed so that they have no sleeves and envelope the child like a blanket but without the choking hazard. The child cannot slide underneath and get smothered. Also the feet are covered so there is no fear that the feet will get caught in the railings.


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