Shower The Mum To Be In Luxurious Gifts

If you’re headed to a baby shower in the upcoming weeks, make sure you turn up with a great gift. While practicality is key to choosing a gift the mum-to-be will get a lot of use from, don’t be afraid to splurge on something that will make her life more luxurious as well. Consider these items when you’re shopping for the perfect baby shower gift this year:

Designer Changing Bag

While the mum-to-be is undoubtedly excited to be welcoming a new life into the world, she’s probably not so thrilled about trading in her stylish clutches and handbags for a bulky changing bag. Help her fall in love with her new bag by giving her a little arm candy. Pacapod’sAlmara logoed bags exude an air of chicness, while Pink Lining’s soft pastels and punchy prints are irresistibly whimsical.

Pram Bag

When mum needs to run errands in the daytime, her newborn will accompany her. Making sure the little guy or gal is comfortable when they’re out and about will help mum get through her to-do list without any fuss. A soft, cushiony pram bag will help ensure that baby remains fast asleep in his or her pushcart.

Towel & Wash Mitt Set

Bath time can be challenging with a fussy newborn, so help keep baby happy (and mum sane!) with materials that will feel good against his or her skin. Towel and wash mitt sets that are made from 100% cotton feel soft and luxurious to the touch. Look for a hooded towel to help keep baby extra warm just after bath time.

New Mother Bath Kit

After a long day taking care of her baby, mum will appreciate the opportunity to relax and be pampered with a luxurious bath kit. Look for a kit that includes a silky, salon-like body butter and body wash as well as a soothing bath soak to help her melt her daily stresses away.

UV-Resist Treated Tent

Summer is just around the corner, which means the newborn will likely be making outings to the park or the beach. But remember that babies’ sensitive skin requires extra special care. A UV-resist treated tent will shield baby from the harsh rays; some models even come equipped with mosquito nets and ventilation to help keep baby comfortable and protected.

Organic baby clothes

In today’s world, new parents are becoming increasingly informed about the long-term benefits of organic clothing. Baby skin is thinner and more porous than that of adults, so the harmful chemicals—pesticides, herbicides, softeners, brighteners, etc.—can increase their risk of developing skin allergies and irritations. Choose some cute designer baby gowns or baby suits to give to the mum-to-be to make sure her baby is protected. Rather than browsing in stores, shop baby clothes online to find these specialty pieces.


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